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Assless Chaps & Fartbarf at Texas Loosey’s, Singer/Songwriters at Suzy’s

Fartbarf performs Texas Loosey's in Torrance, CA Jan. 6



I still hear people mumble about how these guys shoot themselves in the foot with a name like Fartbarf. Bottom line: they sound good, they look good, they perform good; so, those incapable of accepting their silly name may as well make an appointment with the podiatrist.

Fartbarf call their sound more eclectic than the offspring of a Tijuana hooker, and have defined themselves as post-Neanderthal Analog Synthesizer Rock n’ [...]

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Sitting by the Brook and River, listening

Brook and River plays acoustic Saturday Oct 1 at The Seventh Sense gallery in Redondo Beach

It’s obvious that Saint Rocke and Brixton have a pretty strong hold over the local live music scene in the South Bay of Los Angeles; but in truth there’s good music all over. Smaller venues like the Side Door, VFW, Hermosa Saloon, Suzy’s, and Prince O’ Whales, all consistently offer live music entertainment. It seems that just about every nook and cranny throughout the [...]

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Where’s all the Blues at?

John Mayall performing live in Redondo Beach. We wonder where all the contemporary blues revivalists are. Listen to Noah Engh, The Terraplanes, Iguanamen de Galapagos, Split Lip Rayfield, and Sourgrass – Free on Dirty Hippie Radio! Continue reading

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Where Has Midnight Lamp Been Hiding?

We haven’t heard anything from the Midnight Lamp in awhile, which makes us sad, but it just popped up on our radar that they’re performing a random show at 6pm, Wednesday evening at Sangria, for St. Patty’s.  This is a heavy hitting band that has performed at BB King’s, Saint Rocke, Brixton, and Cafe Boogaloo; and they don’t come around too often.  They boast an eclectic stage presence which brings forth a diverse musical force, full of funk, soul, power [...]

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South Bay Reggae Support Wailers

That’s right, our own local homegrown reggae bands will be opening for The Wailers saturday night at Brixton.  Sure, you’ll be there for The Wailers, but do not miss International Farmers and Fortunate Youth.

Because of their classy, solemn nature, the Farmers can come across as a bit serious.  Not so, they just get in the zone.  They jam hard and will maintain the grooves to the point of tripping you out.  Their “seriousness” actually suggests elements of consciousness, clarity, respect, and [...]

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And Then There Was Fartbarf – Let’s Get This Party Started

Fartbarf is taking unsuspecting fans by storm.  For instance, aside from Official Throng Members, everyone was at Brixton last night to see heavy metal; however, everyone was unexpectedly Fartbarfed.  Their music is challenging to describe, their presence difficult to accept, their minds impossible to understand, but they’re an undeniably extremely high energy, ridiculously fun band. Fartbarf virgins aren’t sure what to make of the spectacle, but they cannot resist succumbing to the laughter that comes with realizing they’re witnessing [...]

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All Systems Go Baby!

Fartbarf will be rocking our faces off tomorrow night at Brixton!!  Though, I must forewarn you, you’ve never had your face rocked off like this before.  The scientists at Fartbarf Inc. bring us a spectacle of electronic-rock-dance fury.  Trust me, it’s a scarce rarity that we get such a unique, original and mind blowing band like this at our leisure in this area (I think it happens once every 20,000 years or so when Planet X approaches Earth’s orbit).  And [...]

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