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Phil Manzanera, England, 1975.

Roxy Music lead guitarist’s fine-ass debut solo LP, with help from fools like Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine, Matching Mole, etc.), Brian Eno, and John Wetton (King Crimson, Family), among others. This track (featured below) representing Manzanera’s pre-Roxy outfit Quiet Sun; which he left to form Roxy Music, but reassembled for a proper LP in 1975 following his solo debut. It’s almost too easy.

Phil Manzanera, Diamond Head, England, 1975. 

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Listen to Tokyo’s superb Kikagaku Moyo on DHR!

Picture dreamy, groovy, spacey, and sometimes even folk-driven journeys splashed across the desert shore of Krautrock minimalism with a nucleic oasis at the core that is Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様.

From Tokyo, playing on DHR right this very millisecond. Tune in HERE!


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The Seasons Are Fucking Cool!

It’s not the most intelligent or clever of titles. Perhaps it’s a bit crass, admittedly childish and vulgar; but I had no choice. Catching the Seasons live for the first time left me with one overwhelming reaction… and as I panned over the crowd, I could see the same sentiments mirrored across their faces as well… The Seasons are fucking cool!

Seasons are a Highland Park-based band within the greater Los Angeles area. They are Nik Garcia, vocals, guitar; John Seasons, [...]

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Hippies Meet Bums – Our Friends at RentFoodBroke.com

We’d like to introduce you to our new friends. Brought into the same room at the legendary KXLU studios, by the most gracious of hosts DJ Jen, hippies and bums collided. Rather than fling patchouli and spare change at one another, we stroked professional chins, raised intrigued eyebrows, and talked music; spoke community.

RentFoodBroke.com is a fantastic website which stands as a rampart against the crumbling corpo-slave driven economy that plagues our purses, daily comforts, and leisurely output. It is a [...]

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DHR Beer Pairing Series, vol. 2: Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine & Fartbarf

What an exceptional brew from Dogfish Head, yet again.  An olde school barleywine that kings, trolls, and cowboys might’ve drank.  Deep, sweet flavors dominate your face while an alarming amount of alcohol takes over your body.  Not for the faint of bladder, this baby will get the inexperienced pissing their pants for sure.

At 15% abv, we recommend kicking back and taking your time with this one – that’s why we find it suitable to listen to “Slowly Slipping Away” off [...]

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DHR Beer Pairing Series vol. 1: Full Sail Wreck The Halls & Dirdy Birdy

My choice for Beer of the Day is Full Sail’s “Wreck The Halls” 2010.  It’s one part American IPA (Is there any other kind? Okay, Mikkeller, you’re doin’ pretty good…) and one part winter warmer.  In my opinion, all parts delicious.  It’s not over the top, quite palatable – though not a chick beer, but it would probably sex up the ladies very well.

I recommend listening to some Dirdy Birdy with this fine Oregonian ale.  I’m really enjoying “Oh My [...]

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Exclusive Fartbarf Interview – Live on KXLU 88.9FM

It was perhaps a groundbreaking day in radio history when DJ Jen and Dirty Jeff interviewed Fartbarf live over the airwaves at KXLU studios, 88.9FM Los Angeles.  An interview with Stephen Hawking is about the only thing that could have come close, unless of course you consider Optimus Prime of the Autobots.

Be sure to check out incredible new Fartbarf tracks on DHR from their “Improv Cassette Vault: #001″.

~Dirty Jeff

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(Anti-war Christmas) Song of the Day 12/4/10: Hangdog Expression – “If I Had A Reindeer”

Decided to choose a Christmas song as today’s song of the day.  How bout the (anit)war song “If I Had A Reindeer” by the Southern California based folk outfit Hangdog Expression…

A very touching, kinda heavy, wistful, smart song; but not your snowy white standard.

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New Fartbarf Tracks! From Behind The Masks.

Take a look-see listen-poo at the interesting new Fartbarf tracks freshly added to DHR.  They’re all from the album they title “Improv Cassette Vault: #001″.

Each number offers unique perspective on the bands sound and creative process; which contained here in the improv tapes proves to be even more diverse and expansive than some of their regular studio cuts.  Not to take away from classics like “Play The Game“, “Panopticon“, or “All Systems Go!“, it’s just that the improv sessions offer [...]

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DHR Song of the Day for 11/30/10: Youthless – “Golden Age”

Click Here to Listen to Album

My song choice today is “Golden Age” by the Portugal-based band Youthless.

The song, like much of their music, blends stylistic elements that probably shouldn’t find their way into the same one song – and yet somehow it works effectively.  It’s raw while being poppy and catchy, mixing in elements of indie rock, funk, and a flare that takes you back somewhere between the late 80′s and early 90′s.

Fans of the White Arrows [...]

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